5 Days Safari ( Amboseli, Naivasha, MasaiMara, Nairobi)
Me and my husband opted for private safari with George. we enjoyed each and everyday in game drive. You have lot to see, more than animals the travel itself will be a lifetime experience. George picked us from airport,
1. DAY 1- AMBOSELI- we headed to amboseli, had a nice game drive, spotted lot of animals( cheetah/ lot of elephants/ lions/ wild beast/ etc.,). On the way from nairobi to amboseli itself scenic. we spotted lot of herbivores even before entering park.
(Accomodation was good, no complaints anout food – AA lodge)

2. DAY 2 – NAIVASHA – we started to Naivasha from amboseli. You will never experience this travel ever in lifetime. we crossed couple of awesome scenic views in Hellsgate(longonot) and few other places. we reached accomodation and started boating and walking safari with all herbivores.
( Accomodation was stunning and food was good with just near naivasha lake you could spot lot of animals from your room itself – SOPA lodge)

3. DAY 3 & DAY 4 – MASAIMARA – Again a good ride from naivasha to masaimara. You will enjoy all the way with landscapes. We had good 2 days game drive here. we spotted everything in Big 5 except Rhinos. But we enjoyed the travel and game drive very much than spotting animals. We spotted Lot of lions/ Hippos/ Crocodiles/ Zebras/ Giraffes and more.
(Accomodation was ultimate and food was good and with just inside a forest. Glass cottage was a different experience. Hospitality was very good, its all nice masai people mostly – JAMBOMARA lodge)

4. DAY 5 – Nairobi National Park- its a half day drive. Beautiful park just inside the city. You never know you could find such good place inside metro city. Never miss this too.

Now its time to tell about guide,
George is one such great guide i met in my lifetime. He is very good human and got good patience primarily. George have great knowledge about the safari/ game drive / animals…. He made our trip enjoyable on each and every day. We never seen him got tired or less responsive, he will be always there with us to help in all sort of things. He picked us from airport and dropped us back on day 6, we felt like traveling with a known friend for all the 6 days. We are definitely planning for a trip back to kenya and definitely it’s with George. ( I never write such big reviews to anyone so far, trust me. you will definitely write for George)
100-200% guaranteed, you will definitely enjoy the trip in Kenya if you accomodate George with you. Extra perks : George is a good photographer you can get lot good pictures if you guys wish to 😉.

Kenyan People
Last but not least, we felt home in Kenya that’s just because of George and sweet Kenyan people. They will just won’t let you feel alien.
Have a great Safari. I would say, safari is one such lifetime experience.

Deborah Sims

Ceo & Founder Initech

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